Firework Danger:
The below videos show Scotty blowing himself up (accidentally) on July 3rd, 2002.  Scotty lives... but let this be a lesson.

"...nothing more than a what good Ted Nugent concert would feel like."
John Ryan, American Saw Mfg, Co.

Are You Sure That's the Wick?
(a short film about pyromania!)

A Quick Wick
(High Quality trailer from above film)

The Famous "OFF" Videos © 1994

These videos were from back in a time before wives and children, when we obviously had a lot of time to waste. It started with a bet by Johnny Surrette and a "Lamb Off" was scheduled for Sunday during football. Timbo and Johnny would prepare a leg of lamb and the crowd would decide the winner. We decided to supply the half-time entertainment and put together a short film. The original "Lamb Off" video was shown during half time and it was a bit hit. Well, the contest was too close to call so a "Turkey Off" was scheduled as a tie breaker. We went right to work on creating a full length feature film. So here they are in their entirety. Enjoy.

Lamb Off
Turkey Off

Memorial Day Fire!
Ed's Famous Ski Jump!

LIVE! Stuff
These videos are from Nov 25 2009 at The Meadows bar in East Longmedow... Enjoy.

You Got Another Thing Coming
Shoot to Thrill

Denny Videos

Simple Man
Castles Made of Sand

Odds 'n Ends

One Night... at "The Whiskey Bar"
(A tribute to the madness of Wally Cote)


Springfield tornado


Cannon Circle Gang

Liz Bday

Timbo gets stuck

Larry Bird

Ed in Cozumel


Rasta Man

Jack Plays Guitar

Camp Storer